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fic: slap, slap, slap, nc-17

Title: Slap, Slap, Slap
Author: purely_distel
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen (Arthur/Gwen/Merlin)
Disclaimer: not mine, it all belongs to the strawberries!
Author's Note: Written for the Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Campaign after a prompt from an anonymous source. It started out funny, got more sexy than, I think, I've ever been and turned kinda sad at the end. It also has a threeway in there somewhere ;)
Summary: Merlin knows that the level of physical affection he shares with Gwen drives Arthur mad, and he's heard from Gwen that Arthur's being too flipping honorable to touch Gwen as she desires. So Merlin displays even more affection when they're around Arthur, hoping that jealousy will drive the prince to fulfil Gwen's needs. He didn't expect that it would drive Arthur to ravish Gwen right in front of him...

“And then, and then, I said 'So, in your words, the world needs even more bone hard evidence of men thinking with their swords?'”

When Gwen tries to stifle the laughter bubbling inside her, Merlin leans on close, making sure have his hand rest on her thigh, looks her straight in the face and quirks one eyebrow while looking first very much not subtle down his front to there and then up at Gwen. She bursts out laughing, one of her hands on his shoulder now for support.

Mission accomplished! Merlin thinks when he sees Arthur's not exactly amused face, a few paces to the left. Maybe just a little more ...

Leaning in even closer, he puts his mouth very indecently close to Gwen's ear and whispers: “You think Arthur has any such bone hard evidence?”

Though Gwen keeps on laughing, she tries to put a serious look on her face, even makes as if to swat him over the head for the unjustly comment but neither or them get very far. Her with the swatting, him with the diving out of the way for in this moment, he is practically hurled away from his best friend and lands painfully on his backside.

“Arthur, wha ...” Gwens' surprised inquiry is muffled all to soon by what Merlin can see is Arthur pressing his lips to hers.

Oh, thank GOD! Merlin thinks from his awkward position on the floor, especially when he sees Gwen not pushing Arthur away but giving in, practically moulding against him. Her hand is now absently tracing along his neck, playing with his hair while he nearly seems to bend her over backwards.

It had been a slightly weird and certainly trying plan but, he had to admit now, with the evidence (not quite bone hard) displaying itself so nicely right in front of him, it obviously had worked. And it had only taken him two days to get Arthur to snap. A little too much making Gwen giggle, a few too many touches to nearly inappropriate places, a couple too many refilled goblets of wine shared between the three and Arthur had finally thrown caution to the wind. Thank god!

Getting off the floor as silently as possible, Merlin made for the door to give the two some much needed privacy (the smacking was getting a bit … unnerving) and hoped that, once he came to bring the prince his breakfast in the morning, the moody cloud that usually ended up in him getting something thrown after him, would be history.

“Where do you think you're going?” Merlin practically ripped his hand off the doorknob he had just been about to use and turned around. Arthur, his arm still around a brightly blushed Gwen (also, slightly out of breath), glowered at him.

“Uhm … well … away from here, that's for sure ...” The prince raised an eyebrow.

“I don't think so.” Merlin only stared back and was rather thankful for Gwen asking his question.

“Uhm, Arthur?” instead of answering her, Arthur very purposefully nodded towards a chair at his table. Move it, his eyes said and Merlin scrambled to do just that. He had seen that look on his masters face one time too many to not obey it.

A sardonically satisfied smirk flashed over Arthur's face for just a second before he turned to Guinevere. “I was thinking ...”

“Uh uh … shouldn't be doing ...” Arthur silenced Merlin with another hard look.

“I was thinking, Guinevere, that Merlin needs to learn that his actions have consequences.” When the confused look vanished from neither, Merlin's nor Gwen's face, Arthur apparently decided to act it out, rather than to explain it in length. He swooped Gwen, who yelped surprised, up in his arms and carried her to his bed, making sure there was no way for Merlin not see what would be happening without moving the chair.

The moment Gwen was on his bed, she sat up and pushed against Arthur's chest.

“Arthur, really!” Merlin had to admit, she was making a really good job at sounding stern considering her face was twisted in a suppressed giggle and Arthur's hand was already drawing lazy circles over her bodice.

“Yes, really ...”

Merlin swallowed. Arthur's voice had sounded nearly husky and Gwen suddenly seemed to forget what had been her main concern just moments ago and her eyes dropped from Arthur's eyes to his lips and Merlin swore he saw her licking her lips.

Merlin knew he should move away, knew he should disobey Arthur and just leave but he found that none of his limbs worked. Instead, it seemed as if Arthur had shackled him to the chair. Watching. Not even blinking.

“Arthur I ...” Merlin was not sure what she had been about to say but Arthur's finger on her lips silenced her and he slowly shook his head, his other hand on Gwen's thigh now, slowly stroking, teasing. Gwen's eyelids fluttered close. She took a deep breath that hitched when Arthur's thump very lightly ran down the length between her legs as best as he could. A small whimper escaped her lips and suddenly she opened her mouth and sucked Arthur's finger into her mouth.

Suddenly, in one fluid motion, was on the bed and his shirt over his head. Gwen and Merlin both made noises of protest at the loss of contact to Gwen's thigh and mouth but a moment later Arthur grabbed Gwen by the hips and turned them both, so Gwen was now straddling him. Sitting up he reached behind Gwen.

“Can you feel it?” his rasped, his fingers busily opening her dress. Gwen had her eyes closed, biting her lip, and only nodded. “Tell me what you feel, tell me exactly how it feels.”

Merlin nearly groaned again, wanting to know as well, but a look from Arthur to the side silenced him. He was to suffer in silence.

“It's … hard and … hot.” Gwen swallowed and, as if to try something, slightly moved her hips causing Arthur to his and bite her shoulder. Merlin could feel his hands sweating, could feel his own arousal straining against his breaches but damn him if he was going to look away now.

Gwen rocked her hips again, harder this time and had found the friction she needed, it seemed, for she repeated the movement, again and again, until Arthur suddenly ripped the bodice down her front and sucked on of the her breasts, tumbling out, into his mouth, hard. This time, Merlin couldn't suppress the moan but Gwen's own cry covered his noise.

With Arthur sucking at her tits and his hands now on her arse, Gwen ground against his pelvis more than ever and Merlin, though knowing Arthur would likely punch him for it, threw caution to the wind and undid his breaches, sighing in relieve when his hard cock sprang free and hit the colder night air.

“Do you want to feel it, Guinevere?” Arthur rasped and Merlin could hear, as much as he liked to think he was still in control, that Arthur was only just hanging on.

The gasped “Yes!” from Gwen was nearly swallowed by Arthur crushing his lips to hers, hands now in her hair, flipping them over again. Still kissing he guided her hands to the front of his breaches and helped her open them before making quick work of shoving them down his legs.

Merlin's hand was on himself now, stroking, flicking his thump, feeling precum already leaking, trying not to come too soon and suddenly, out of nowhere, with her hands wrapped around Arthur's fully erect cock, Gwen turned her head to the side and looked at him.

Merlin bucked into his hand and let out a small gasp. Gwen's eyes wandered from his face to his hand, still pumping furiously and she matches his pace with her own hand. Arthur moaned with ecstasy and buried his face in her neck, sucking harshly but utterly unaware of Merlin and Gwen looking at each other.

Gwen seemed to try to tell him something, with his eyes, but Merlin was too far out there to make out what it was. For him there was just Arthur and Gwen, the stroking and touching and flicking and slapping. Gwen moved her head away and Merlin felt colder, suddenly, and tried to make up for it by tightening his grip, moving his hand even faster and for the fist time, he looked down at himself, saw his cock glistening with the moist of his own juice, thicker than any time he had helped himself, alone in his room.

The rustle of fabric to his side, made him whip his head around again and what he saw nearly pushed him over the edge. Gwen was straddling Arthur again, quite obviously fucking him for real now and they were both looking at him. The movement of his hand stilled and for a moment, all he could hear was their harsh breathing and the continuing slap, slap, slap of Gwen and Arthur bringing their hips together, again and again. She was still wearing her dress, her tits spilled out over her pushed-down bodice and one of Arthur's hands playing with an erect nipple.

His other hand, Merlin suddenly noticed, was motioning him over. Merlin blinked and looked again. Yes, it was. As was one of Gwen's.

slap, slap, slap

Merlin's eyes bore into Gwen's, suddenly unsure. His hand was still gripping himself tightly, his cock still hard and his body screaming for him to do it, to go over there. But still …

Come ... Gwen mouthed and Merlin scrambled off the chair, out of his breaches and grabbed her still welcoming hand. Arthur gave a satisfied grunt, his eyes on Gwen's bouncing breasts again.

Gwen drew Merlin even nearer and, still moving in the same confident rhythm with Arthur, kissed him on the lips. It was an innocent kiss. Just a brushing of the lips really, but Merlin whimpered all the same, his cock bumping against his stomach under his shirt. After the short kiss, Gwen leaned in closer, just like he had done mere moments ago it seemed, to her. “Lie down next to Arthur”, she whispered, her voice slightly breathless but very much in control. While Merlin moved to do as he was told, he saw Gwen strip out of her dress, still moving with Arthur, and then throwing back her head, her hips moving more furiously against his. Arthur's hand was between them now, helping her along, but she swatted his hand away once Merlin was laying on the bed as well. Not yet she seemed to say.

“Guinevere ...” Arthur groaned in protest and Merlin had to look at him. Never had he heard Arthur like that. He was begging her, pleading for release. Merlin's hand was moving again, assuming the same speed Gwen had sat but felt his hand being taken away. Before he could look though, Arthur's hand was on his chin, keeping his gaze fixed on the prince and Merlin's breath nearly gave out. Arthur's eyes were the deepest blue, nearly a dark grey. His blond hair was sweaty and and plastered to his forehead. Arthur himself could hardly find a breath, his gaze flicking from Merlin's eyes to his open mouth and Merlin nearly chocked when he saw him licking his lips.

The moment Arthur's open mouth met his, Merlin knew why Gwen had made him free his cock. Though the feeling of Arthur's tongue sweeping his mouth alone could have nearly send him over the edge, it was Gwens worm, wet mouth on his cock that had his hips lifting off the mattress and a strangled sob come out his throat. Gwen took all of him in, her tongue giving extra pressure to the underside of his member before moving up and sucking at his glans, licking away his precum and, with one hand, gently kneading his balls.

It did not take long, with Arthur kissing him and twisting his nipples through his shirt and Gwen sucking him all in, for Merlin to come with a short yell, spilling himself inside Gwen's mouth and losing all the feeling in his limbs.

For a moment, there was nothing but blissful numbness. He lay there, eyes closed, a feeling unlike anything he had ever felt washing over him. He could stay like this forever. But the bed beside him began to move again. There is was again, the slap, slap, slap of two moving bodies, accompanied now by loud gasps and strangled yelps and Merlin turned his head to see Arthur and Gwen, wrapped up in their lovemaking again. Fast now, faster than ever before. Both their eyes closed, Gwen biting her lip, Arthur fisting the sheets, his hips moving quicker and quicker, up and down, up and down.

One of Gwen's hands was trailing down her body, on her way to rub at her clit, to bring them both the well deserved relieve and Merlin sprang up.

Kneeling next to Gwen now, he reached down to the point where their bodies met and found the swollen knot. Gwen yelled when his thump pressed down on it and, if possible, she ground even more fiercely against Arthur, against his hand, again and again and again until, with a pitched yell, her hair everywhere, she came, Arthur not far behind.

There was nothing but the breathing now. Racing hearts trying to slow and spend bodies yearning for rest. When Gwen let her body fall forward, Merlin took his hand away. Arthur's arms were around her in a moment and in a display of sweetness, he kissed the top of her head while she snuggled into his arms.

To Merlin, the moment felt suddenly all to private and, with one last look at Arthur, he quickly got off the bed, got back into his breaches.

This time when he opened the door, no one stopped him from leaving.


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Oct. 18th, 2010 11:51 pm (UTC)
That was dirtyhotnastygood! I loved it!
Oct. 19th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
*bows* glad to ... be of service ;)
Oct. 19th, 2010 01:06 am (UTC)
That was hot. Awww no one for Merlin...where's Morgana! :)
Oct. 19th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
LOL! Well, Morgana can be found in the other story :P SPIKE! :D

And thanks!
Oct. 19th, 2010 01:33 am (UTC)
HOT!!!!but just 2 typosGwens worm, wet mouth on his cock should be warm.when his thump pressed should be thumb
Oct. 19th, 2010 02:19 pm (UTC)
THANK! It's 100% not beta read and was written as a comment at the kink meme so, you know ;)

Will change it, thanks :D
Oct. 19th, 2010 11:32 am (UTC)
Good grief! HOT!
Oct. 19th, 2010 02:20 pm (UTC)
I hope that's a good thing? ;)
Oct. 19th, 2010 08:59 pm (UTC)
Wow, I just started breathing again. Very well done!!
Apr. 17th, 2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
Wow! - Just wow!
Jan. 9th, 2013 03:44 am (UTC)
I love this ship. I love it so much lol! That was hot!!
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