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Title: The other Personal, Probable Approach
Author: purely_distel
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Spock/Kirk
Disclaimer: not mine, it all belongs to the strawberries!
Summary: Spock writes a love letter. Or, well, something like that.
Author's Note: This little thing I wrote for one of jjverses challenges.


This may very well be the first letter of this kind I have written in my life.
Up until now there just never was any need for me to pen a script like this and as I could not see a possible scenario in which I would have to write it, practising beforehand seemed unsuitable and time consuming.
As it is, I have had a long discussion about certain events in the past, my predictions for the future in reference to them and my probable personal approach concerning them with Lieutenant Uhura during cocktail hour yesterday on Deck 17 (It was Pavel Chekov's birthday celebrations, I believe) and as I value her opinion highly and know her to treat my concerns confidentially, I am willing to try this new approach of problem-solving. Especially as my normal, more hands-on approaches so far have proven fruitless and, to be frank, frustrating. It was the most curious mixture of feelings as part of me recognised them as highly illogical.

It is her believe that, to fully understand the structure and, as she puts it 'intensity' of my revelation, I have to find a more deep connection to the illogical parts of my heritage and that, to truly approach this connection I should write it out in a more descriptive manner than necessary. I have yet to conclude how affective this attempt will be as this is my first try.

You might appreciate knowing that what I am talking about also includes my reasons for appearing late on the bridge two days ago without a conclusive explanation as to my whereabouts. It is true that my main reason for the late appearance were, as I mentioned, due to being without the fitting, clean pants of my uniform and it took me longer than expected to clean and dry them. I soiled them during a short nap that I took, utterly unexpectedly, that afternoon during which my subconscious conjured vivid images of you and me engaged in a sexual nature and, it seems, my bodies' response was rather … enthusiastic.

I feel it is my duty to inform you that this is, by far, not the first occurrence of the kind and, to be honest, it makes functioning efficiently as a member of the crew, as a second in command, difficult.

I … I cannot stop thinking about the dreams. About you.

I would appreciate if this matter were to be handled confidentially.

Yours sincerely,